An Oak Street man who had a close encounter with a bat while in his home, will have a clear bill of health, following news from the State Virus Lab that the bat tested negative for rabies, according to Maryann Kleinschmitt, New Canaan's Animal Control Officer.

At around 7:40 a.m. on Thursday, Kleinschmitt was sent to an Oak Street residence on a report of a bat bite. The resident said that he was drinking coffee in his living room when he felt something on his neck and reached up to brush it away. What "it" was turned out to be a bat. When he brushed it off, the bat fell on the couch and didn't move. The man and his wife trapped it in a piece of Tupperware, and the bat was still alive when Kleinschmitt arrived, she said.

"Because bats have to drop down from something to fly," she said, explaining why it just sat there on the couch. "Fortunately they did get it. It would have been a problem if there was nothing to test."

Kleinschmitt said the resident started taking a rabies series of medications immediately after the incident, but was relieved that the tests of the bat came back negative.

Bats frequently carry rabies, according to the town's animal control website.

Kleinschmitt said the bat most likely got into the home when the resident was up on his roof clearing snow on Feb. 10. He told her one of the windows was left open.; 203-972-4413; @Woods_NCNews

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