During the month of June, the residents of the New Canaan Inn studied the life of the people of ancient Greece. With the production skills of Barbara Jeffries, those bygone days were explored through reading and discussion of the legends of the gods that have survived through the centuries.

There's Hercules' performance of the 12 superhuman labors; Jason's search for the Golden Fleece; the beautiful Helen of Troy; the ingenious plot involving the Trojan horse; and the sad story of Echo and that of Narcissus. These legends touched the lives of all Greeks shaping and developing their rich culture.

Also covered in the month-long study of ancient Greece was a look at the Greek alphabet beyond alpha and omega, well known to sorority and fraternity members. Olga Giapoutzis, owner of the newly opened New Canaan Diner, gave everyone a Greek lesson. To round out the Greek month, an authentic Greek dinner was served with roast lamb, Greek salad, and other traditional dishes, with, of course, baklava for dessert.

Adding to the gaiety was a group of residents, staff and guests who joined in some Greek dancing with Greek music.

Making the evening even more enjoyable was the wearing of Greek attire. Sheets were transformed into toga-style chitons for women and peplos for men, complete with handmade fresh laurel wreaths.