I tried again the online payment system for my real estate taxes, and we are not yet offering any convenience to the taxpayer, and we are still charging a 95-cent "convenience fee" to the taxpayer who would make the town's job easier.

I've written to you and your predecessors for years about this. I own three pieces of property, all in my name, but only one tax bill comes up online. All three bills come to me in the mail with the same name and address, albeit in separate envelopes, rather wasteful. It is not convenient for me to make three payments online, even if I am able to find the three bills online. I will got to the tax collector with my one check for my three bills.

Charging a 95-cent "convenience fee" for an electronic payment is not convenient to the payer, and not in the town's interest. We should be encouraging people to make online payments, for they come in quicker and require less manual labor -- no envelope to open and dispose of, no information to key in, no check to deposit.

The town of Nantucket has had for several years a UniPay system that allows one to put all his tax payments, real estate and personal, into one cart and pay with one electronic payment at no extra charge. We could do it. We could be truly convenient and encourage taxpayers to pay online. Until then, I shall walk into Town Hall with my check, a pleasant experience, if inconvenient.

Please do what you can to bring New Canaan up to speed on on-line tax payments.

With appreciation for your efforts.

Peter Hanson

New Canaan

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