The New Canaan High School Drama Department will present Disney's "Alice in Wonderland" in performances on Friday, Nov. 16, at 7 p.m. and Saturday Nov. 17, at 2 and 7 p.m.

The lively musical version of the much-loved book by Lewis Carroll begins with Alice (played by Elizabeth Koennecke), on a sleepy summer's day, who follows White Rabbit (Nancy Leville) down a rabbit hole to Wonderland.

A doorknob (Nina Larson) greets her and helps her to eat things that change her size when necessary to slip through the key hole and then get big again and soon she is racing with Dodo Bird (Pete Thunem) and clowning with Tweedle Dum (Brian Spress)and Tweedle Dee (Griffin Hall).

But then by eating something that again makes her very small, she winds up in a flower patch with a bunch of snooty, rude flowers, Rose (Anna Oxman), Petunia (Kate Callahan), Lily (Jenny Daly), Violet ( Lillian Engel) and Daisy (Charlotte Engel).

Alice winds up meeting bubble-blowing Caterpillar (Alison Rino), who cheers her up with the song "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" and helps her to eat her way back to normal size.

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Then, taking the advice of the grinning Cheshire Cat (Kenon Lysenko), she goes to a crazy tea party with the Mad Hatter (Taylor Thompson) and the March Hare (Jacob Freegood) to celebrate an un-birthday.

The Cheshire Cat has more in store for Alice when he leads her to the Royal Cardsmen, who are painting the roses red to suit the mean Queen of Hearts (Audrey Kirkpatrick), who is angry at everyone including Alice when she wins a game of Simon Says.

The King of Hearts (Nick Ranieri) suggests a trial to see if Alice is guilty of wrongdoing. And before you can think too much about all that has happened, Alice wakes up from this wild dream and sees her sister Matilda (Chloe Rosenberg) again.

Tickets are on sale in the school lobby from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and one hour prior to show times. Sponsors for the show include Ameriprise Mutual; Divaz Salon; Karl Chevrolet; Masonic Lodge of New Canaan; Milestones; New Canaan Cleaners; New Canaan Community Foundation; New Canaan Dance Academy; Parker Ear, Nose and Throat; Performing Arts Conservatory of New Canaan; the Studio and Walter Stewart's Market.