BRIDGEPORT — This summer at Connecticut’s Beardsley Zoo, Amur is in the air. Amur leopards, that is.

The state’s only zoo has unveiled a large viewing window and sheltered wooden platform for viewing the leopards, which are the rarest big cats in the world. Critically endangered, there are fewer than 30 Amur leopards left in the wild, (66 fewer than is needed to ensure the survival of the species) and only 176 in captivity worldwide.

According to a news release from Beardsley, the zoo “is constantly seeking to improve both the animals’ living spaces and the human guest experience, prompting the addition of a large viewing window at the Amur Leopard exhibit.”

“We finished our new viewing window in June and are thrilled to be able to offer an even better opportunity to view our Amur leopards,” explained Gregg Dancho, zoo director in the release. “They are such beautiful animals, and critically endangered in the wild. We are proud to be a participant in the Amur leopard Species Survival Plan.”

Two Amur leopards live at the zoo — a female, Freya, born in 2012, and a male, Sochi, born in 2013. Their exhibit features rock outcroppings that enable the leopards to explore their surroundings at ground level. It also includes areas as high as 10 feet off the ground, to enable them to view their domain from a different level. Amur leopards have been known to leap more than 10 feet vertically, so there is plenty of room to stretch their legs. Visitors can visit the leopard exhibit between between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily, next to the lynx exhibit.