Football season may still be several weeks away, but that hasn't stopped the youth of New Canaan and various other towns from honing their gridiron skills at the New York Giants summer football camp at St. Luke's High School.

The five-day non-contact camp, which runs from July 25 to 29, offers a plethora of drills, scrimmages and obstacle courses for players ages 6 to 14.

"Overall the kids are great. Very little problems, the parents are supportive and the facility is great," said camp director Ron Luneau. "This is a great camp to introduce kids who are first and second year players to the game that doesn't require hitting. We introduce them to a lot of offensive and defensive individual skills, and we mix in some fun competitions with it such as punt, pass and kick."

Former Giants defensive tackle Curtis McGriff, a member of the 1986-87 Super Bowl Championship team, was at the camp to offer motivational speaking and instruction. McGriff also signed footballs, T-shirts and even a few cleats for the campers.

"It's definitely one of the exciting parts of my summer to come here and talk to the kids," McGriff said. "The kids are getting a real basic foundation of how you work together as a team. How you've got to sacrifice, have discipline and work hard and football puts all that into a game; and a young kid gets that."

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New Canaan's David Siegel, 8, a standout lineman in camp, said he is enjoying his opportunity to compete in front of McGriff and other former New York Giants.

"It's really fun having famous football players come and sign your ball," Siegel said. "It's really inspiring because sometimes they talk to us about stuff that they learned when they were kids. It's really cool."

Wilton's Liam Sullivan, 10, an offensive lineman and fullback, agreed with his fellow camper.

"The camp is really helping me," Sullivan said. "I just wanted to meet some football players and I knew my friends were coming here, so I thought it would be fun."

Although the camp is available in 28 communities over the summer, McGriff indicated that he was especially impressed by the talent level on display at the New Canaan camp.

"[The New Canaan camp] is up there, and all of them really appreciate what we're doing," McGriff said. "All the camps have been run very well."

In addition to McGriff, the camp has also featured former New York Giants such as Bill Ard, Stephen Baker, Chris Calloway, Eric Dorsey, Sam Garnes, Rodney Hampton, Odessa Turner and Perry Williams.

Along with the former Giants, players also benefit from the instruction of various high school coaches, including Torrington High School defensive coordinator Nick Teodosio.

"It's hard to move around in pads at a younger age. This is good to get those fundamentals down and crisp without pads. So, once you start playing football with pads on, now you have those fundamentals down, so now it's a little bit easier to do the right thing with the pads on," Teodosio said. "It's important to mix the fun in because a lot of these kids are just starting out, and we don't want to sour the game to them because it's a great game. They need to realize that you could have a lot of fun playing this game."