The Courant at new Canaan High School has announced juniors Lucia Molina and Kelly Saiz will take over as editors-in-chief for the 2011-2012 school year.

"We're really excited about this," current editor-in-chief senior Sara McCloskey said. "They both worked really hard this year, and it has been great to see them grow in the past two years and rise as leaders in the class."

The EICs are chosen by the outgoing EICs along with the class advisors.

"Throughout the year, we look at people, how they hold themselves, how they work and how they work with others," McCloskey said. "Then [the candidates] fill out long applications explaining what they think the role of the EIC

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is, what their vision for the class is, and what they want to improve."

"Last year, I thought I just wanted to write stories," Molina said. "But when I became an editor, I saw that it was something different to do because you are more of a leader. I found that I really liked directing people and instructing them on how to do different things. As an EIC I get to do more of that."

"I think I tend to gravitate toward leadership roles," Saiz said. "I love the Courant, I really enjoy working on the paper, and the [EIC] position is one I respect and honor tremendously."

The EICs are responsible for overseeing production of both the print Courant and the associated website, The incoming EICs said they wanted to improve the website, specifically in the area of multimedia, while maintaining the quality of the print edition.

"We are looking towards doing more technological integration-one idea is to have a filming workshop at the beginning of the year so that first year students can be `technologically bilingual,'" Saiz said.

However, the first order of business for the new leaders is to fill staff positions.

"I'm very excited to start working with my co-editor Lucia to determine next year's staff," Saiz said. "I think we have

a lot of work to do and our predecessors have set the bar high, but we are eager to fill their places."

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