Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. recently secured a $100,000 Challenge Grant to enhance the non-profit's on-line services. The initiative was launched last fall with contributions from the organization's board of directors, the Laurence W. Levine Foundation and an anonymous donor. Further, the Westport-based non-profit's blog was named one of the top 50 special-education blogs by

The Challenge-Grant funds will be used to increase the delivery of news and research, plus action-oriented information from leading experts on learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders via a free e-newsletter, blog and website. The myriad of articles currently available include signs and symptoms of LD and ADHD, treatment and support, and a Guide to Action -- as well as profiles and interviews with successful adults such as the organization's honorary chairman, Henry Winkler.

The website is currently being redesigned based on a survey conducted by the Harvard Business School Community Partners of Fairfield County. While Smart Kids' newsletter currently received high marks for its upbeat, parent-friendly and easy to understand content, the survey respondents requested more extensive information on interventions, leading-edge research and assisted technology.

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In addition, the Smart Kids blog merited recognition as one of the top 50 special education blogs by The Smart Kids' blog was one of the few among the top 50 winners to focus primarily on parents rather than teachers. For example, a recent article on "Is the iPad a Good Investment for Your Child with LD?" with its blog post was read by nearly 60 percent of its e-newsletter readers, according to Jane Ross, executive director.

"Despite the struggle they face in school, children with LD and ADHD are smart and frequently have significant strengths and talents," said Jane Ross, the founder and executive director of SKLD. "Smart Kids' mission is to empower parents to take an active role in getting the help their children need and to support their children's strengths."

Further, most experts agree with Dr. Margie Gillis, the well-known reading expert who is also the President of LiteracyHow and Senior Scientist at Haskins Laboratories at Yale.

"The best predictor of a child's success is a parent doing everything in his or her power to help that child succeed," said Dr. Margie Gillis who currently serves as board president of Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities.

Smart Kids with Learning Disabilities, Inc. is a Westport-based nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering the parents of children with learning disabilities and attention deficit disorders via its educational programs, website, blog and free e-newsletter at Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy is an honorary board member, and Henry Winkler, Golden Globe award-winning actor, director and author, serves as the organization's honorary chairman.