Fitness Together of New Canaan, a personal training studio providing a one-on-one approach to fitness services, announces the launch of Nutrition Together, integrating personalized nutritional guidance and management with fitness training to help clients adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Developed with the overarching philosophy, "Eat healthy. Eat light. Eat often," this science-based nutrition program developed by Janet Brill, Ph.D., R.D., LDN, director of nutrition for Fitness Together, a certified nutritionist and wellness coach and a nationally-known author and speaker, provides a sensible and sustainable approach to nutrition designed to maximize well-being.

Nutrition Together is delivered one-on-one by the locally trained team of Fitness Together professionals, whose role it is to inform, guide and support each client, male or female, throughout the program. Clients learn how nutrition as one of three pillars coupled with strength training and cardio fitness maximizes personal performance and daily wellness, and how by changing what they eat and how they eat directly impacts and improves their lifestyles. Nutrition Together is optimally delivered in conjunction with a client's personal training regime. On an exception basis, Fitness Together of New Canaan will provide Nutrition Together as a six-session service to those with their own personal fitness program.

Recognizing proper nutrition integrated with fitness are equally critical components to total body health and well-being, and that the adage "you are what you eat" holds true, the Nutrition Together program equips clients with the information, tools and techniques to make healthy, informed decisions on a daily basis to promote optimal health. It is designed for those seeking to maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle, and provides ongoing support to sustain practical nutrition and fitness behaviors. Nutrition Together Online ( offers clients exclusive, ongoing access to weekly recipes and tips, a blog from Brill and downloadable materials.

"Nutrition Together provides clients with an integrated approach to achieve their goals and live healthier lives," Sue Teoli, owner of Fitness Together of New Canaan, said. "While we have always encouraged clients on the importance of eating well, with Nutrition Together we now have a formalized program to complement our personal training services and to promote even stronger results."

For more information, contact Fitness Together of New Canaan at 203-966-1044 or visit

Located at 33 East Ave., Fitness Together of New Canaan specializes in providing one-on-one personal training services. This proven model for delivering fitness and now nutritional services focuses on the individualized goals and needs of each client. Fitness Together of New Canaan personal trainers are collaborative and results-oriented. Throughout the process, they are a partner to each client and offer constant inspiration, positive coaching and an unwavering commitment to the client's achievement of their goals. Fitness Together of New Canaan offers the latest in one-on-one personal training and nutritional guidance. It is a franchise of Fitness Together, a national organization established in 1983 to respond to the growing demand for personal fitness training.