Although there is no national or statewide election this Nov. 5, it is imperative that all registered New Canaan electors vote and have their voices heard. Nov. 5 is a crucial turning point in the political process in New Canaan. We need to enhance financial expertise in our legislative branch of government (Town Council) and stop the "rubber-stamp" of excessive spending and club politics. That equation purports to higher taxes for all constituents.

It is time to elect those that will assess real needs vs. unnecessary wants, some of which could be deferred.

The selection process for our representatives must change. Last July 16, the Republican caucus allowed its electors only one hour and five minutes on one record hot summer evening to cast their votes for Town Council candidates. The result was only 729 Republican electors decided who the Republican November candidates will be. The elector turnout was 67.6 percent lower than the past caucus for Town Council candidates (729 vs. 2,250 votes, or 10.9 percent of registered Republicans or only 5.8 percent of the total electors in town). Far from a statistical representation of the desires of the constituency or a mandate. There are six seats open on the Town Council. There are eight candidates. It is imperative that the constituency understand, however, that I cannot beat a Democratic candidate. I can only challenge the four Republican candidates. I must obtain a greater vote total than any of the four Republican candidates. If I obtain a greater vote total than any Democrat candidate that candidate wins.

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I am running because I believe I am the only candidate who "caucused" with proven and tested financial expertise. I will examine, as a forensic auditor and manager, all items before the Town Council and vote according to the voices of all constituents. No self-interest and no rubber stamp.

I have proven, I have shown and I have done. I am not a newcomer to serving the community. I am dedicated and time tested. I am "Bi-Partisan" and will represent all constituents as I have always done. Remember you must vote on Nov. 5 for real change and a real voice. Vote Roy for a Voice.

Roy Abramaowtiz

New Canaan